Chapter 1

When Selena turned 18, she was sold by her father to a man twice her age. Selena Hawk belonged to a small pack known as "Silver River," which was located in the wilderness of the north near Nova Scotia. She was the Alpha's illegitimate daughter. Her mother was a beta and one of the many lovers that her father had during his life. If she had been born a male, her chances of survival would have been far worse because she would have posed a danger to his heirs. The Luna was naturally hostile towards her, but she didn't have the guts to challenge the Alpha, who was also Selena's father. It was not out of any paternal love that he let Selena live. But because she had alpha blood. Because most alphas had sons, alpha women are quite uncommon. As a result, an Alpha female was sought after by all. When Selena was 12, her mother passed away. The majority of the members of the pack either despised her or pitied her. Her stepmother, Luna, forced her to work along with the omegas. Her half-siblings treated her as though she was something vile. Her father was able to quickly find a buyer for Selena who was willing to pay a fair price. Alpha Gerald had reached the age of 50 without having produced an heir. In a strict sense, Selena could be considered his Luna; but he wasn't interested in having a Luna; rather, he wanted a breeder. His pack regarded women as expendable garbage. When she left her pack to mate with the man she had never seen before, Selena hoped to have a better life once she was on her own, but unfortunately, she wound up with a sadist who used and tortured her throughout her time with him. She was only a breeder for him; she was not his mate. She had entertained the idea of escaping, but on the first day she arrived, a collar made of silver had been riveted around her neck. With the collar on, Selena was unable to converse telepathically, shift into her animal form, or draw into the strength that her wolf possessed. Silver also prevented her wolf from coming forwards. Even though her recovery was slowed down, it was still much faster than the recovery time for humans. Collaring was the harshest kind of punishment that could be inflicted on a werewolf since it severed their connection with their wolves. The inside of the collar was lined with leather, and it burnt like hell if Selena touched it, so she kept her fingers away from it. Gerald we jealous and possessive. She was locked within a room and barred from interacting with the other members of the pack or running around in the forest. When she failed to conceive after several heat cycles, Gerald lost his patience and got a new girl, Nancy. She was a petite 18-year-old who was as terrified as Selena. She wasn't an Alpha, just some omega who was sold off by her poor parents. Perhaps, he was planning to build a harem. Selena didn't care. She just wanted to die. But Gerald wouldn't let that happen. He went to great lengths to take away her ability to end her miserable life. "Oh, God!" A gasp shattered the daydreams Selena was having about taking her life. She had to get Nancy ready for the mating because she was in her heat. Once a year, female wares went into heat, and if they were lucky, they would conceive a child during that time. She started working out the kinks in her hair by taking the plastic brush and applying pressure to it. Nancy was shorter and resembled one of those perky cheerleader types with her five-two figure of a gymnast and strawberry blonde hair that went to the middle of her back. Since she had first arrived, they hadn't had much of a conversation. After hearing a sob, Selena looked over to see that Nancy was crying. "Why are you crying girl?" She asked. "I don't want to do this," Nancy whispered. "Don't give him a reason to punish you, this will be bad enough as it is. You have to stay strong through this, hopefully, you will give him the heir he wants, and he wouldn't trouble you anymore." Selena said placidly. "You…you don't mind…sharing him?" Nancy asked softly. Selena wanted to laugh and tell Nancy that she felt nothing but contempt for Gerald, but she wasn't sure if she could share her feelings with her yet. "No, we must serve the Alpha." Nancy sobbed harder and Selena felt a pang of pity for her. She could do nothing to help her. Her fate would be worse than death if she tried to help Nancy. "Listen, if you simply submit to him, it won't be such a big deal. He can't last for more than two minutes anyway." Selena spoke in a whisper. Nancy mustered up a feeble smile, nodded, and took a few steps back before wiping the tears from her eyes. She put her shoulders back and pulled herself up to her full height of five feet and two inches. "May Luna protects you," Selena said a prayer for her. They waited for Beta and four other guards to come and take Nancy away as they stood outside the door. Selena heaved a sigh as the door shut behind her. After that, she went back to her bed and tried to get some sleep. It had been more than a year since she had turned. She longed to communicate with her wolf. She hoped that her wolf was still in her. It was midnight a few days later when Selena was rudely awakened by the guards. She opened her bleary eyes. "What's going on?" "Get up you have to hide in the basement with the other women. The pack has been attacked." The guard said gruffly. Selena didn't protest and followed them to the basement. It was the first time she was allowed to step out of her room. She was soon ushered into the dungeon along with other terrified women and children. "Nancy!" Selena said to the younger woman as she huddled in a corner. She hadn't seen her since she had left to be with Gerald. "I am scared," Nancy said, her teeth chattering. "Don't be afraid, everything will turn out okay." Selena made an effort to calm her down. "No, we have been attacked by the Spirit Walker pack," Nancy said. "These werewolves are the most feared pack. The rumors say that they kill everyone from the enemy pack. They spare no one. Dear god and their leader is reputed to be the most vicious of them all; a cold man that wouldn't hesitate to destroy anyone that got in his way. They also own shady businesses. Their influence and power reach the top of the government. No one can defeat them No one." Selena had never heard of them, but nothing could be worse than being Gerald's breeder. "How do you know it's them?" "I heard Gerald talking to his betas when I was with him." She spoke. "Hey! don't worry. Nothing can be worse than our current situation." She would realize later how wrong she was.
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