Chapter 12

Bonnie had given Dwayne a hard slap across his face. She glared at him. Dwayne glared back. "What the fuck?" He tried to grab her angrily. Bonnie swiftly slapped him again and again. She hit him so hard that Dwayne spun around like a top, and his cheeks started to swell. "Motherf—" Dwayne shouted. "Yes? Do you want more?" Bonnie raised her hand, and Dwayne cowered. Bonnie snorted, then turned and left. Dwayne grit his teeth and glared after her with bloodshot eyes. "Just you wait, bitch! "You're so going to regret this!" *** It was the 20th, a few days before the press conference. Every major news outlet had been taken over by news about the new nanomaterial breakthrough. As they dined that evening, the Shepards were watching the news on TV. "Earlier this month, the research team headed by Ms. Bonita successfully developed a new nanomaterial after a year of relentless experiments. This has caused a sensation in Arvandor and sent shockwaves around the world!" Gresham admired the news and said, "That's quite an achievement, isn't it? To be able to develop a new nanomaterial within a year. "I hear Ms. Bonita is very young. She’s only around Trina's age." "Really?" Trina was astonished. Vera passed a piece of roast beef to Trina. "You're already an overachiever, honey. There's no need to compare yourself to Ms. Bonita, who's in a league of her own. " "Your mom’s right. You need to study hard now, so you'll be able to join Ms. Bonita's research team during your junior year internship." Gresham passed Trina the mashed potato. "Don't worry. I'm president of the Scientific Research Club right now, and everyone knows I'm great at research. "Even my professor told me I was talented and offered to recommend me to Ms. Bonita's research institute for my internship." Trina turned to look at Bonnie with a scheming look on her face. "Bonnie’s doing pretty well too." Gresham and Vera looked distressed as Trina mentioned Bonnie. Vera frowned and asked, "Why do you say that?" "Because she's ambitious! Didn't you say she was going to get into Pyralis University?" “And she wants to be top scorer in the entrance test too. What a goal! “Me? I just barely made it into college." Trine pinched her own thigh as she mocked Bonnie to stop herself from laughing. Vera turned grim, and Gresham fell silent. Trina continued, "Haven’t we been invited to the press conference? We should bring Bonnie along to broaden her horizons." "Well…" Gresham and Vera hesitated. They knew what Bonnie was like. She often skipped classes, got into trouble for fighting, and loved to show off. She had once shown them a trophy from an international competition and claimed she had won it. She had done the same with a chess competition medal and many others. If they did bring Bonnie to the press conference, she might get into trouble there. Vera said sternly, "The college entrance test is just around the corner, Bonnie. Don't even think about going to the press conference, okay? Just stay at home and study." Bonnie raised an eyebrow and looked at Vera as if she was an idiot, but she didn’t say a word. *** The 25th was Sacha's birthday. Dwayne had booked the most expensive VVIP room at Regal Karaoke. Eda Howard held Bonnie’s hand and said apologetically, "Sorry for making you come, Bonnie, but I'd be so bored without you." "Come on, what are friends for?" As soon as Bonnie said that, Tilda Garraway mocked, "Stop acting like you're better than us, Bonnie. "So what if you're pretty? If it weren't for Sacha, we would never be able to hang out at such a fancy place." Some other students chimed in, trying to butter up Dwyane. "Give her some credit. The guy who picked Bonnie up the other day drove a Maybach, didn't he?" "Oh, please! We would have known if he was really her boyfriend. Anyone with a brain can tell what that was all about. “Bonnie must have hired him to put on a show for all of us. Why hasn't he shown up these past few days?" “Dwayne booked the fanciest VVIP room at the most luxurious karaoke joint in Pyralis. I bet Bonnie would have done anything to be here." Bonnie glanced at the room at the end of the corridor. That VVIP room? She had been here plenty of times. Dwayne saw Bonnie looking at it and thought she was longing to go inside. He felt pleased as he was certain she was going to throw herself at him soon. At that moment, the manager arrived. "I'm sorry, Mr. Dwayne, but someone else has booked the VVIP room." Sacha, who was nestled in Dwayne's arms, said, "Oh, no. I promised my classmates we’d get that room." "Don't worry, I'll handle it." Dwayne gave her waist a playful pinch, then glared at the manager. "I made a reservation in advance. That room is fucking mine!" "I'm sorry, but a VVIP is using it. How about you take another room?" "A VVIP? Aren’t I a VVIP too?" Dwayne retorted. The others backed him up. "Yeah, Dwayne's dad owns the Caesar Hotel, okay?" "Just get out of our way if you want to keep your job!" "Ignore him, Dwayne. Let's just go in." Dwayne looked at others, and his gaze lingered on Bonnie. He clenched his teeth, went around the manager, and threw the door open. "I'm taking this room. Get the hell out—" When he saw who was inside, Dwayne stopped short in alarm. The other students looked in, puzzled. There were several men and women on the sofa. An arrogant-looking young woman stood up. "Dwayne Moss? What the fuck are you doing?" Dwayne paled. He approached her obsequiously. "I’m sorry, ma'am. I didn't know you were here. "I deserve to be punished, don't I?" Dwayne punched his own face. Sacha and the other students lowered their heads. Even Dwayne didn't dare mess with that woman! As they wondered who she was, the young woman looked at them and was stunned. "Is that you?" She hurried over to the girl standing behind them and held out her hands earnestly. "Please be my mentor, ma'am!"