Chapter 11

When they heard what she said, Ivor and Ged looked at Bonnie. "You know that?" Ivor asked with a frown. "Uh-huh," Bonnie replied. The old professor at the research institute had texted her the date this morning. He had asked if she was okay with the 28th of this month and offered to change it if she wasn't. "Oh? How did you find out?" Ivor narrowed his eyes. "Well…" Bonnie frowned. "I can't tell you the specifics. All I can say is that it's set for the 28th." Ged pulled Ivor aside and whispered, "I really can't stand her, you know! Yes, she's pretty, I'll give her that, but she's so full of shit!" Ivor rubbed his chin and looked at Bonnie. He had always been good at reading people. But he couldn't seem to detect any hint that she was lying, which puzzled him. "My dad says every major corporation in Pyralis—no, I mean in all of Arvandor—is eager to work with Ms. Bonita's research team to secure exclusive rights to the new nanomaterial. Isn’t your company interest

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