Chapter 11

When they heard what she said, Ivor and Ged looked at Bonnie. "You know that?" Ivor asked with a frown. "Uh-huh," Bonnie replied. The old professor at the research institute had texted her the date this morning. He had asked if she was okay with the 28th of this month and offered to change it if she wasn't. "Oh? How did you find out?" Ivor narrowed his eyes. "Well…" Bonnie frowned. "I can't tell you the specifics. All I can say is that it's set for the 28th." Ged pulled Ivor aside and whispered, "I really can't stand her, you know! Yes, she's pretty, I'll give her that, but she's so full of shit!" Ivor rubbed his chin and looked at Bonnie. He had always been good at reading people. But he couldn't seem to detect any hint that she was lying, which puzzled him. "My dad says every major corporation in Pyralis—no, I mean in all of Arvandor—is eager to work with Ms. Bonita's research team to secure exclusive rights to the new nanomaterial. Isn’t your company interested in it too? “It's a brand new nanomaterial! You’ll make a killing once it starts being used in manufacturing and research. I’m sure it’ll help drive many advancements in technology too,” Ged spoke excitedly. "Of course we're interested, but we might not be able to secure the rights to it, even if the Knight family is the richest in Pyralis. Many major powers in Arvandor will be after it." Bonnie looked at him as he finished his sentence. "You're interested in securing the rights to the new nanomaterial?" Ivor asked, "Why? Can you help?" Bonnie nodded. “Since Sigmund saved me once, I can help you if that's what you want." Ged couldn't take it anymore. "Thanks, but no thanks! I'm sure Ivor doesn't want to trouble anyone." "It’s no trouble at all. I just need to let the team know," Bonnie said, casually. Ged shot to his feet and raised his voice. "Stop pushing it, okay? If you weren’t a girl, I would have—" "Enough, Ged." Ivor stood up as well. "But she’s so—" "We never have to see her again after the one month engagement. There’s no point getting angry with her." But Ged was still upset. Bonnie could tell that they didn't believe her. She didn't mind, since her parents had never believed her either. There was no point wasting her breath. "I always keep my promises. The research institute will announce its collaboration with the Knight Group on the 28th." Then, she got up and left. "I feel sorry for you, Ivor. You’re stuck with her. Having a wife who’s such a show off like her, even for a month, will embarrass you forever!” Ged stared after Bonnie and shook his head. Ivor looked away from her. "Have you talked to the Shepherd's friend?" Ged took a sip of water to calm himself down. "Yeah, the Shepherd wants a showdown with you after the press conference about the nanomaterial." "Why after?" Ivor was puzzled. Ged thought about it and said, "Do you think the Shepherd will be at that event? Could he be interested in securing the rights to the nanomaterial too?" Ivor thought it was possible. If that was the case, maybe they could meet him during the press conference. *** A few days later, Ged rushed into Ivor's office. "Holy shit, Ivor! Something incredible has happened." Ivor stopped working and looked at Ged. "Are you talking about the press conference?" "You know?" Ged took a deep breath and said, "I can't fucking believe it. It really is on the 28th!" Ged had heard his parents talking about the date of the press conference while he was having breakfast with them. And it was indeed on the 28th! "Bonnie was right!" Ivor steepled his fingers and thought about the moment when Bonnie told them about the press conference. She hadn’t seemed like she was lying. His hunch had been right. "How did she find that out even faster than we did?" Ged was bewildered. "Maybe my grandpa found out and told Bonnie," Ivor ventured a guess. "Oh, yeah!" Ged said angrily, "That must be it. How else could a high school student know something like that? Sigmund must have used his connections to get the information so he could tell Bonnie and help her impress you!" Ivor thought so too. "Has Sigmund asked you to take her to the press conference? If he does, I strongly suggest you say no. Every major power in the country will be there. If she starts talking nonsense again, it'll be really embarrassing for you!" "My grandpa didn't say anything about that." "That's good." Ged was relieved. "If Sigmund insists that you bring her, you need to find a way to get rid of her." *** On her way home from school, Bonnie sneezed. She had a strange feeling that someone was talking about her. Suddenly, a luxury sports car approached with a load of red roses in the back seat. It pulled up right in front of her. The driver handed her a large bouquet of roses. "Care to join me for lunch, Bonnie?" As he spoke, Dwayne brushed his hair. Bonnie glanced at the roses and slowly said, "Are you trying to date me?" "Smart girl! What can I say? I really love smart women." "You're Sacha's boyfriend. Are you sure about this?" "Well, I can break up with her if you want." Dwayne looked very pleased with himself. He thought he was so charming and wealthy that Bonnie would throw herself at him. But Bonnie just frowned and said coldly, "What do I care if you guys break up? Do you think every girl will throw herself at you just because you're rich? Just seeing your face makes me want to puke." Dwayne's sports car and wealth had failed to impress Bonnie. After all, she wasn’t hurting for money. Dwayne immediately thought of the man who had picked her up at the school entrance and the limited-edition Maybach. "Do you think I don't know you hired that guy to pick you up the other day, Bonnie? "And you must have borrowed the car. Wait, did you sleep with someone to get it—" Before he could finish, Dwayne suddenly shrieked in pain!