Chapter 10

"Oh, okay. Here you go." Neville stared at Bonnie, eager to know if she could do it. "I need tools." "They’re in my rooms. I'll get them for you." "Okay." Soon, Neville brought the tools back, and Bonnie started to fix the robot. She quickly took it apart, then deftly put it back together after making some adjustments. "She did it!" Ged exclaimed in awe. As he fixed his gaze on Bonnie, Ivor suddenly realized she was pretty impressive. After all, his brother was basically a professional, but Bonnie could tell what the problems were at a glance. "I've fixed it," Bonnie said So soon? Neville gaped at the robot in her hand. She was incredibly fast! "Oh, the chip in the robot can be optimized too. Do you have a computer?" Bonnie asked. Neville's eyes widened further. She could even optimize the chip? She must be an expert. "Be right back." Neville hurried upstairs and returned quickly. He handed his laptop to Bonnie and stood beside her to watch. He wanted to know how good she was. Ged leaned over and saw Ivor had joined him too. Bonnie connected the robot to the laptop and started typing so fast that her fingers looked like a blur. 'I'll be damned!' Ged thought. Ivor watched her fingers moving quickly and narrowed his eyes. A few minutes later, Bonnie turned off the laptop and handed the robot back to Neville. "Try it. There should be no problem now." "Thanks!" Neville started the robot eagerly. It didn’t make any loud noises, and he could control its flight path precisely. It had also become much more efficient at cleaning. "This is so cool! You're amazing." Neville looked at Bonnie, wide-eyed in admiration. "It's nothing really. It's just a simple robot, so it was easy to fix." Bonnie sat down on the sofa and poured herself a cup of tea. Simple? For the first time in his life, the child prodigy felt inferior. "You're so skilled. Did you start tinkering when you were a kid too?” Bonnie put down her cup. "I took apart the TV at home as soon as I could walk." "And then?" "I put it back together." "Woah, that's insane!" Neville was awed. Ged burst out laughing. This was the second time he had laughed out loud at something she said. "Dude, your IQ is 200. How could you believe that horseshit? She's just kidding!" Neville looked at Ged as if he was an idiot. "Do you think I can't tell if she is?" Neville ignored him and held Bonnie's arm earnestly. "Please be my mentor! I want to be an expert in robotics too." "Dude, what the hell are you doing?" Ged was so astounded that he nearly choked. "I— Ivor, your brother isn’t acting like himself!" Ivor looked from Neville to Bonnie. He knew that Neville's abilities far surpassed that of his peers and many intelligent adults. And the boy was particularly good at robotics. Ivor didn’t know much about robotics, but he could tell from his brother's behavior that Bonnie was an expert in the field. Suddenly, Ivor remembered that Bonnie had once told him he wasn't good enough for her. It seemed like she wasn't just showing off after all. But Ivor still thought that she wasn’t his match, even though she knew how to fix robots. As she saw Neville asking her to mentor him, Bonnie thought about Kay Steele, who wanted her to teach her something as well. Why was everyone so eager to learn from her today? "Please say yes. I promise you won't regret it!" Neville tried to persuade her. Bonnie rubbed her temple. "I have no time to teach you anything, okay? I have all kinds of important things to do." Ged shook his head. "You’re always skipping class." "Well, she might not be doing great in school, but she's good at robotics all right." This was the first time Ivor had ever complimented Bonnie. Neville grew desperate as he saw that Bonnie was adamant. "If you agree to be my mentor, I'll get Ivor to kiss you now." Bonnie was exasperated. Ged burst out laughing and wrapped his arm around Ivor. "Your brother totally sold you out, bro!" "He's not my type, okay?" Bonnie said. Neville threw Ivor a sympathetic look over his shoulder. He had already been upset by what Bonnie had said, so Ivor, who was usually calm, felt annoyed at his brother. "If he's not your type, what about me? I might be young, but I promise I’ll take good care of you." Neville said, patting his chest. Bonnie grew even more exasperated. "Oh my God! Now he's trying to steal your future wife, Ivor!" Ged laughed. Ivor stiffened and walked up to Neville. "Have you done your homework?" "Not yet. I'll do it later." "Go back to your room, and don't come out until you’re done." "No! She hasn't agreed to mentor me yet. I—" Before Neville could finish, Ivor carried him upstairs back to his room. Ged wanted to keep laughing, but thought the better of it when he saw Ivor's cold face. Ged cleared his throat and said, "I heard about that new nanomaterial they’ve just developed, Ivor. They should be holding a press conference soon. Do you have an inside scoop on when it's going to be?" Ivor sat down. "They haven't announced it yet." Bonnie chimed in, "It's set for the 28th of this month."