Chapter 9

Everyone was dumbstruck as Ivor walked up to Bonnie and held his umbrella over her. "Ready to go?" Bonnie nodded. What the hell? The students couldn't believe their eyes. A gorgeous man had come to pick Bonnie up! They were shocked beyond belief. When they saw Bonnie and Ivor get into a Maybach parked by the curb, their jaws dropped even further. One of the students recognized the car. "That’s a limited-edition Maybach! It costs a bomb! You might not be able to get your hands on it even if you could afford it." Everyone including Sacha looked at Dwayne's sports car when they heard that. The car was eye-catching, but it was nothing compared to the Maybach. Inside the Maybach, Bonnie thanked Ivor politely. "Don't thank me. It was my grandpa's idea to pick you up," Ivor replied impassively. "But Sigmund didn't ask you to get out of the car and hold an umbrella for me, didn't he?" "He’d be upset if I hadn’t done that. We'll be engaged soon, so you'll be part of the Knight family. We can't let anyone disrespect you." "Well, I still need to thank you." She didn't like owing anyone any favors, so Bonnie decided to repay him for what he did one day. Ivor looked over his shoulder at her. "If you want to thank me, just promise me one thing." "What?" "Don't get any funny ideas after we get engaged." Bonnie chuckled. "I told you, you’re not my type. I wouldn't even look at you if you slept naked on my bed." Ivor suddenly felt upset. Why did he feel that way? A short while later, the car pulled up at the main entrance of the villa. "Grandpa’s still asleep." "I'll wait for him in the living room." Bonnie entered the living room and saw Ged lounging on the sofa, watching TV as if he lived there. "Hey," Ged said, not looking away from his show. At that moment, an object flew straight toward the back of Bonnie's head. "Watch out!" Ivor shouted. He dashed over to her, trying to catch it. But it had taken him by surprise and he wasn’t close enough to Bonnie, so he couldn’t reach her in time. Bonnie shot out her hand behind her and caught the flying object easily. She was fast! Ged shot to his feet in disbelief. Ivor was surprised as well because Bonnie hadn’t even blinked or seemed startled. "Cleano II!" A boy around the age of eight or nine hurried over to Bonnie anxiously. Bonnie looked at what she had caught—a vibrating disc-shaped robot. "Hey, be careful! That took me a month to assemble. I'll make you pay if you break it!" The boy flushed. Ged chimed in, "You better do what he tells you, okay? No one messes with Ivor's brother. He’s only interested in making robots. If you break his stuff, he'll go nuts, and even Sigmund might not be able to save you." Ivor came over and looked solemnly at Neville Knight. "That thing nearly hit her. You should apologize." Neville shrank when he saw Ivor’s stern face. He turned to Bonnie and muttered, "Sorry." Ged tsked. "That little devil is scared of no one but you." "Why do you care?" Neville rolled his eyes at Ged, then snatched the robot from Bonnie's hand. "What’s the problem? The interface and chip are fine. Why would it lose control?" Neville checked the robot, mumbled to himself, and scratched his head. Bonnie approached him. "Is that a cleaning robot?" "You can tell?" Neville looked up in surprise. "Yup," said Bonnie. She could tell what robot it was by just looking at it? Even Ged and Ivor were amazed. "But how?" Neville asked despite himself. "Well, it's not that hard really. It's not an ordinary cleaning robot, but one that’s designed specifically to clean ceilings and chandeliers, right?" Bonnie asked. Neville's eyes went wide. How the hell did she figure that out? Bonnie held out her hand. "Give it to me. I'll help you fix it." "Huh? You will?" Neville held the robot behind his back, worried that she would break it. Ged had been impressed by Bonnie, but he thought she was just trying to show off again. "Don't underestimate that little devil, Bonnie. He might only be eight, but he’s won the technology and science competition for children at the age of five, thanks to a robot he developed. His robots are all really advanced. They’re not just something you can fix, okay?" Bonnie looked from Ged to Neville. "Does the robot make loud noises when you turn it on?" "How did you know?" "And when it flies, does it always slightly deviate from its path?" "You know that too?" "When it runs for a long time, it heats up, and overheating leads to a loss of control, just like what happened here." "How on earth did you…" Neville was so shocked that he couldn't finish his sentence. Bonnie continued, "Your robot seems to have an issue with pulse output, as well as encoder cables and position feedback loops... The servo gain settings are also a bit off... I only took a quick look earlier, so that’s all I can say for now. There might be other issues, but I'll need to do further testing." Everyone stared at Bonnie, stupefied. Ivor looked at her thoughtfully. Neville's eyes went wide in astonishment. She could tell all that after just one look? "Will you let me try to fix it?" Bonnie broke the silence.