Chapter 9

Everyone was dumbstruck as Ivor walked up to Bonnie and held his umbrella over her. "Ready to go?" Bonnie nodded. What the hell? The students couldn't believe their eyes. A gorgeous man had come to pick Bonnie up! They were shocked beyond belief. When they saw Bonnie and Ivor get into a Maybach parked by the curb, their jaws dropped even further. One of the students recognized the car. "That’s a limited-edition Maybach! It costs a bomb! You might not be able to get your hands on it even if you could afford it." Everyone including Sacha looked at Dwayne's sports car when they heard that. The car was eye-catching, but it was nothing compared to the Maybach. Inside the Maybach, Bonnie thanked Ivor politely. "Don't thank me. It was my grandpa's idea to pick you up," Ivor replied impassively. "But Sigmund didn't ask you to get out of the car and hold an umbrella for me, didn't he?" "He’d be upset if I hadn’t done that. We'll be engaged soon, so you'll be part of th

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