Chapter 8

Bonnie had written down the answer on the blackboard while they were talking. The students were astonished. "That’s incredible! How does an underachiever like Bonnie know how to answer that?" "I don't even understand the question, but she did it without even having to think!" "Could Bonnie be some kind of genius?" Mr. Rios flushed in embarrassment as he heard the students talk. He had tried to get Bonnie to answer these questions to warn her against skipping classes. If he couldn't stump Bonnie today, he would lose the students' respect. Suddenly, he thought of one of the seven famous unsolved math problems. The P versus NP problem had baffled countless mathematicians. It had been solved only a month ago by a mysterious math genius, to the shock of the world. 'There’s no way she’ll be able to solve this one!' he thought. "Those questions were easy. Try this one instead." Mr. Rios looked smug after he had written down the question on the blackboard. Bonnie glanced at it, then threw him an odd look. "What are you looking at me for? Do I have the answer on my face?" Mr. Rios was pleased that he had finally stumped her. The students stared at the question, completely baffled. "What the hell is that?" "Is that a math question? Did Mr. Rios come up with this just to challenge Bonnie?" Mr. Rios sneered as he saw Bonnie just standing there. "If you don't know how to do this, you should come to my class on time and pay—" Before he could finish, Bonnie began to write down the solution. As she filled the entire blackboard, Mr. Rios' jaw dropped. She was running out of space, so she went to the board at the back and continued writing. As time passed, the class grew increasingly quiet. When the school bell rang, Bonnie said, "I'm done." She put down the chalk and walked out of the classroom. Mr. Rios and other students were left awestruck. The teacher, especially, couldn't believe what he just saw. *** When school ended in the afternoon, a thunderstorm broke out. No one expected it as the weather forecast hadn’t mentioned rain. As the rain grew heavier, Bonnie waited at the school entrance with most of the students. A few girls were engaged in lively conversation. "Is your boyfriend coming to pick you up, Sacha?" "He says he's on the way," Sacha Hutchinson said, shooting Bonnie a taunting look. She hated Bonnie because she was more beautiful than her. "I'm so jealous of you, Sacha. I heard your boyfriend's dad owns the Caesar Hotel!" "Oh my God, the Caesar Hotel is a four-star hotel in Pyralis, isn't it?" Sacha grinned. "Well, I heard from Dwayne that his dad just applied for a five-star rating. The approval should come through soon." "Woah, Sacha, your boyfriend is really something!" Sacha looked at Bonnie again. "Well, Bonnie's fiancé’s family owns Sunrise Properties. I don’t think Dwayne can hold a candle to him." Everyone looked at Bonnie. "Sacha, haven’t you heard? Bonnie's wedding has been called off." "Oh my God, for real?" Sacha acted as though she had just heard about it and clapped her hand over her mouth. She looked at Bonnie apologetically. "Sorry, Bonnie, I didn't know he dumped you. I wouldn’t have brought it up if I’d known.” Bonnie eyed her. "You're just like my sister, you know. She's a real bitch." Sacha stiffened. The other students started to get upset. "Hey, she apologized, didn't she?" "Yeah, you shouldn't have said that!" "Say sorry to her!" Bonnie chuckled. "What are you laughing at? Is it funny that we're asking you to say sorry?" "I'm laughing at your low IQ," Bonnie said truthfully. These girls seemed really dumb to someone with an IQ of 300. "Hey, are you calling us stupid?" Bonnie raised her brow. "Well, she's being a bitch, but you're taking her side. Aren't you being stupid?" "So what if you solved those math questions? You must have just memorized the answers!" "Tilda’s right! Who the hell do you think you are to call us stupid?" Bonnie's phone dinged. She didn’t bother arguing with them and checked her phone. A message from Ivor read, "Grandpa asked me to pick you up. Arriving soon." After she replied to the message, a bright red sports car pulled up at the entrance and drew everyone’s attention. A man in a striped suit stepped out from the car and headed over. "It's Dwayne Moss! He's so damn hot, just like his car. If only he were my boyfriend." "You can forget about that. He's Sacha's boyfriend." "That's her boyfriend? His car must be really expensive!" Sacha lifted her chin proudly. She walked up to Bonnie and put on a sad face. "I didn't mean what I said, okay, Bonnie? "It's pouring right now. Why don't Dwayne and I give you a ride home? We can call it quits." Bonnie glanced at her and didn’t answer. Sacha's eyes started to fill with tears. "Come on, Bonnie, I didn't do it on purpose. “We're classmates. Why would I want to embarrass you? “Anyway, I'm throwing a birthday party this weekend at Regal Karaoke. You should come, okay?" As she spoke, Sacha tried to hold Bonnie's hand. Bonnie took a step back in disgust. "Do you really hate me that much, Bonnie?" Sacha's crying gained the sympathy of other students, who began to criticize Bonnie again. "She's too much!" "Bonnie is such a bitch!" "She sure is!" Dwayne came over and pulled Sacha into his arms. "Don't cry, Sacha. I've got your back." Dwayne angrily turned to Bonnie. He wanted to yell at her, but he was struck by her beauty. She was way prettier than his girlfriend! Sacha sensed something was off. She looked up and started to feel anxious as she saw Dwayne's mesmerized look. "She's my classmate, Dwayne. Just leave her alone. “I feel sorry for her, you know? She skips school a lot and has had to repeat a grade for two years. “I think she's going to fail the college entrance test, and her family doesn't like her. “Her sister even stole her fiancé. Oh, you know him. It's Hadwin Rhodes." Sacha said all that so Dwayne would know that Bonnie wasn't a popular girl despite her beauty. "So you're the girl Hadwin dumped." It was just as Sacha had expected. Dwayne now only had contempt for Bonnie. Sacha was secretly relieved when she heard that. Bonnie paid no attention to Dwayne. "Hey, I'm talking to you! Are you deaf?" Dwayne shouted impatiently. Bonnie glanced at him. "I don't talk to idiots." "Are you calling me an idiot? I dare you to say that again!" Bonnie looked away, pursed her lips, and stopped talking. As she said, she didn't want to talk to idiots. Dwayne was infuriated. "How dare you, bitch? I'm going to—" Before he could finish, a deep, cold voice came from behind him. "Move. You're in my way." What the hell? Dwayne angrily turned around and immediately felt small when he saw who was behind him. It was an exceptionally handsome man who had an imposing kinglike presence. Sacha and the other girls stared longingly at the man holding the umbrella. No one could blame them because he was ridiculously dashing. "Oh my God! He's so freaking hot. Who is he? A movie star?" "I doubt it. With a face like that, he should be so famous that we would have instantly known who he was." "Do you think he's here to pick someone up?" "Who’s the lucky girl?" The students looked among themselves. Dwyane studied Ivor. He could tell that Ivor was no ordinary man. But he had never met him among elite circles before. "Don't make me repeat myself," Ivor narrowed his eyes as he spoke coldly. Daunted, Dwayne instinctively stepped aside. He was also curious about who Ivor was going to pick up. To everyone's disbelief, Ivor walked toward Bonnie!