Chapter 15

Oh, no! Bonnie was alarmed. It was a huge crowd, and many reporters were broadcasting live. If anyone found out her true identity, she would be embroiled in international disputes and targeted by assassins. Just as she was panicking, someone covered her head with a jacket. She heard a steady and familiar voice. "Please make way,” said the voice calmly and authoritatively. The man who was protecting her was the King of Combat, Jim Ray, who served as Ms. Bonita's bodyguard. Bonnie smiled. "When did you get back?" "I just did." Jim frowned. "Sorry, I should have been here earlier." "It's not your fault. So, how was the International Fighting Championship? Did you win?" Jim took out the champion's medal from his pocket and placed it in Bonnie's hand. "This is for you." Bonnie wasn't surprised that he had won. "Are you sure? It's the champion's medal." "Well, consider it a congratulatory gift for the nanomaterial breakthrough." Bonnie pocketed the medal.

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