Chapter 16

"Well, I'm from Pyralis like you. And on top of that, you're the richest guy in the city. Why wouldn't I work with you?" Ivor was stumped. "If there's nothing else, I’ll get going," Bonnie said dryly. Before Ivor could ask any more questions, Jim put himself between him and Bonnie. "You heard her, Mr. Ivor." Ivor could tell Jim was trying to get rid of him. Worried that Ivor might upset Bonnie, Ged quickly whispered, "Ms. Bonita isn't a very social person. You should be glad she even talked to you, okay? We should leave now." But Ivor had a strange feeling that he would be able to solve this puzzle if he continued to pursue the matter. "Anything else we can do for you?" Jim said, icily. "No, no, we're leaving." Ged pulled Ivor away. "What's gotten into you, Ivor? Everyone knows that Ms. Bonita doesn’t like talking to anyone. Besides, her bodyguard is Jim Ray, the King of Combat. I heard he just won the International Fighting Championship. We don’t have our bodyguar

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