Chapter 17

Bonnie looked up when she heard his question. She knew Ivor would ask her that, so she had prepared an answer. "I know someone who works at the research institute." "Who? He must be someone important if he found out the news so early," Ivor said. "You could say that. But I can’t tell you who he is right now.” Ivor narrowed his eyes. "That day, you told me you could help me secure the rights to the nanomaterial. It sounded like you were the person in charge." Bonnie didn't respond. Ivor chuckled. "Ged says you're full of shit. I heard that's why your parents don't like you. "The collaboration didn't happen just because you said it would. You knew Ms. Bonita would work with my company, which was why you told me that the other day." "Well, you can think whatever you want," Bonnie said nonchalantly. Ivor was a little upset that she was dismissing him. "Was that really what happened?" Bonnie was getting impatient. She frowned. "What does it matter? You said you did

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