Chapter 18

Bonnie looked at the woman who was dressed in a nun’s habit. Was this Ivor's mother? Had she become a nun? "I don't care who you are, Bonnie, but you need to leave Ivor alone. You’d better leave town while you can and never set foot in Pyralis ever again!" said Maisie coldly. Undaunted, Bonnie said, "I agree with you. This is absurd. Ivor and I don't have feelings for each other, and I don't want to marry him. But I owe Sigmund, since he saved me and my foster parents. If you want to stop the engagement, you’ll have to talk to him. And if you want me to leave Pyralis, you’ll have to make me.” "Hah! You say you don't want to marry my son? Swear on your mother's life then!" Maise glared at Bonnie. "Not everyone wants to marry your son, okay?” Bonnie was upset. "And why should I swear on my mom's life?" She glanced at Ivor. "If you need proof, I don't mind kicking your son's ass in front of you." Ivor narrowed his eyes. "Looks like you're just as difficult as my investi

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