Chapter 19

"I told you you'd be sorry if you showed up." Bonnie looked calmly at the two burly bodyguards. "Do you think they can stop me?" "Why not? They’re the best of the best. You’d better come with me now, and I'll let you go after the engagement party. If you don't cooperate, we'll show you no mercy." Bonnie checked the time. "The party’s starting soon, and I'm never late to anything. You’d better leave with your men now, or I’ll show you no mercy." "Fine. You asked for this!" Maise took two steps back and looked at the bodyguards. "Seize her, but try not to hurt her." "Yes, ma'am." The bodyguards reached out with their thick arms and tried to grab Bonnie. Bonnie threw a roundhouse kick and sent one of them tumbling over the other. The bodyguards fell on the ground, groaning. Maise's eyes went wide in surprise. "You know kickboxing?" Bonnie raised her brow. "Are you sure your bodyguards are the best of the best?" she taunted. "They let their guard down, that's all. It does

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