Chapter 20

"I can try." Bonnie narrowed her eyes and stepped forward. Maisie held out a hand against Bonnie's shoulder. "Don't make me do this. You might have been able to defeat those clowns, but you're no match for me." Bonnie was taken aback. She hadn’t expected Ivor's mother to be a fighter. "We’ll see about that." Bonnie grabbed Maisie’s arm, stepped across her, and yanked her out of the way in a diagonal motion. 'She was holding back while fighting the bodyguards! She's more powerful than she wanted me to believe,' thought Maisie in alarm. "You leave me no choice, young lady!" Maisie held up her fists in a steady fighting stance. Bonnie was surprised when she realized that Maisie was a skilled kickboxer. They charged and fought fiercely in a flurry of blows. *** At the Knight Residence, the engagement party was in full swing. Sigmund looked at the gate with a frown. "Why isn't Bonnie here yet? Why hasn’t she answered my calls?" Ged said, "Maybe she realized she

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