Chapter 24

Ivor played fast and hardly needed to think. It was the same with Bonnie. The minute Ivor made his move, she made hers. All anyone could hear was a series of thuds as they moved the chess pieces. Heath and Ged watched the game closely and almost cheered out loud several times. They were amazing! This was the ultimate showdown, all right. There was no telling who would win. Half an hour later, Bonnie picked up a glass of water and took a sip. Ivor made his move and looked up at Bonnie. His gaze lingered as he was enchanted by her poise and grace. Bonnie put down her glass and saw Ivor looking at her. "Is there something on my face?" Ivor caught himself and frowned. "It's your turn." "Oh." Bonnie made her move. After some time, Ivor suddenly slowed down and studied the chessboard with a frown. Ged started feeling anxious. Was Ivor going to lose? Bonnie waited quietly. After a minute, Ivor made his move. Ged was relieved. It was Bonnie's turn to ponder her n

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