Chapter 25

"The engagement might not have been our idea, but don’t forget that you’re still my fiancée for a month, Bonnie. You shouldn't date any other guys, okay?" Bonnie looked over her shoulder and said drily, "Just date some other girls, and we’ll call it even." Ivor was at a loss for words. "Let's go," said Bonnie to Heath. They left together. Ivor stared after her and pursed his lips. Ged couldn't help but say, "Bonnie is really something else. She fixes robots, she fights, and she’s also turned out to be The Shepherd. I guess she’s not the loser we thought she was. You should cherish her, Ivor. She might be full of shit sometimes, but I think she's good enough for you." Ivor frowned, and his gaze became pensive. *** After having lunch with Heath, Bonnie went home to pack her clothes. "What are you doing?" Vera was puzzled. "I’m going to move out so I can focus on preparing for the college entrance test," Bonnie said as she filled her luggage. "Where are you going? Have

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