Chapter 27

Bonnie raised her brow. She had a strange feeling that he sounded jealous. "I had to tell my family I was moving out," she said, as she dragged her suitcase toward the stairwell. "Let me help you." Ivor strode over and took the suitcase from her. Bonnie threw Ivor a baffled look. Wasn't he upset? "It's okay. I can do it." Bonnie tried to take the suitcase back. But Ivor refused to let it go and carried it upstairs himself. He reached her room, pushed the door open, and went in. Bonnie was bewildered. Didn't he say he would never set foot in her room? She went into the room and thanked him politely. "Thanks." "You're welcome." After two seconds, Bonnie saw that Ivor wasn’t leaving and grew puzzled. "You can go now." Ivor frowned. "Let's play another round." Bonnie realized he wanted to play chess with her. "It's late, and I need to go to school tomorrow. We’ll do this some other time, okay?" Ivor checked his watch. "Huh, I guess it is late." The room

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