Chapter 28

"I was right, huh?" Bonnie said. Neville looked embarrassed and desperate. "Are you going to refuse to mentor me because of this?" "Why would I? I've never done my homework. Hell, I never even bothered answering any exam papers," said Bonnie casually. The questions were too easy for her. She would rather spend her time solving problems at the research institute. "You're so cool!" Neville gave her a thumbs-up, then frowned. "I don't have time to talk right now. This applied problem is really tough, and I need to solve it quickly. Otherwise, my teacher will give me a hard time." Bonnie saw that he was really anxious, so she said kindly, "I can help you if you don't know how to answer that." "Huh? You’ll help me? How could you possibly know how to do this?" Neville was surprised. "It's just elementary school math. I'm not stupid, you know." "No, no, I'm not saying you're stupid, but I attend the finest private school for the elite. All the teachers there have at least a d

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