Chapter 29

As they had wondered the same thing, the students stopped what they were doing and stared at Bonnie. Sacha was very mean to imply that Bonnie had become a mistress to an older man. Anyone else would have gotten mad, but Bonnie just glanced at Sacha and said nothing. Bonnie’s silence infuriated her classmates. They were already upset about what had happened at Regal Karaoke, so they started to attack her verbally. "Don't be a snob. So what if you know Ms. Kay?" "I bet Ms. Kay will tell you to fuck off once she finds out who you really are! Hell, she might even give you a good beating." Bonnie finished drinking her yogurt and turned to them. "You’re in school to study, not to gossip about other people. You should focus on your studies. I feel bad for your parents, you know." Her classmates couldn't believe what she had just said. "Hey, Bonnie, don’t you have any shame? You’re always getting zeros in exams. You're the one who needs to focus on your studies!" "Getting ze

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