Chapter 30

"Count me in!" "Me too!" The students continued to ridicule Bonnie. She looked at them calmly and said, "Well, how about a bet?" "What are we betting on?" "Whether I can get into Pyralis University. If you lose, you’ll all have to shave your heads." "All right! But if you lose, you have to shave yours as well." "Deal," said Bonnie. A student held up her phone. "I've just recorded what you said. Bonnie, if you lose and don't do as you promised, we'll put this online and show the world what a liar you are!" Almost every student at school heard about the bet before the day was out. Sacha and her gang had spread the news to make Bonnie a laughing stock and ensure there was no turning back. If Bonnie ended up breaking her promise, she would lose everyone's respect. Bonnie had been harassed in school all day, so she thought she would be able to find peace at the Knight Residence. But when she returned, she became the target of two uninvited guests. “A country bumpkin

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