Chapter 32

“Five million dollars? Do you think I’m some kind of beggar?” Bonnie looked at the check disdainfully. The country paid her way more than five million dollars as a monthly salary, and that was even before taking the dividends into account. “You’re asking for way too much! You’re just a nobody. The Shepards might have taken you back, but I hear that you aren’t exactly popular there. They don’t give you any pocket money. “Five million is nothing to sneeze at. The Shepards would fall on their knees and thank me if I gave them all this money!” Rowena crossed her arms on her chest, lifted her chin, and looked down at Bonnie. “Really? Five million dollars might seem like a huge amount of money to you. You’re from a middle-class family, after all. But it means nothing to someone like me. Take my outfit, for example. This alone is worth several million dollars.” Bonnie pointed at the clothes she was wearing. “Hahaha! Did you just say your outfit is worth several million dollars? Are you

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