Chapter 33

Rowena instantly guessed why Halle was spinning the story that way. She put on a heartbroken face. Tears streamed down her face as she said, “That was my jade bracelet. It’s the only thing I have to remember my grandmother by. “She doted on me when she was still with us. I was so miserable when she passed away. The jade bracelet was the only thing I had left of her. “How could you do this, Bonnie? I just asked you to be nice to Ivor. You can hit me or argue with me, but you shouldn’t have smashed my bracelet…” Halle made her way to Ivor, gritted her teeth, and started complaining. “You need to stand up for Rowena, Ivor! Bonnie smashed her bracelet and broke my arm. Look at it. It hurts like hell!” Ivor looked at Bonnie. “Did you break her arm?” “I guess you could say that. I didn’t break it, though. I only dislocated it because I was thinking of Grandpa Sigmund. Otherwise, I would’ve broken it for sure.” Bonnie spoke in a tone so light you would have thought she was talking about

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