Chapter 36

Bonnie caught his glance and stared at him fiercely. The six-foot-five man was startled and proceeded to pretend that nothing had happened. He stared straight forward and waited for the test to start. “The test will begin now. Form two rows, and we’ll hold the duels one by one,” the butler said to the bodyguards. The group began the duels according to his instructions. The first round of duels disqualified half of them. Then, he held another round of duels and cut the numbers in half again. Now, there were only twenty-four bodyguards left. “That should do it.” Alfred nodded in satisfaction. “Take a break, everyone. I’ll pick a captain in twenty minutes.” After twenty minutes went by, Alfred arranged for them to duke it out amongst themselves. The six-foot-five man was very skillful. He sent his opponents flying in no time. Alfred was about to make him captain when Bonnie spoke up. “I don’t think it’s enough for the Knight family’s bodyguard to be good in a fight. That’s too easy

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