Chapter 37

Bonnie looked at Alfred, stunned. He held up his chin triumphantly and said condescendingly, “Mr. Jim is no ordinary man, Ms. Bonnie. He’s an extremely proficient fighter and very proud. How could you compare these bodyguards with someone as great as him? You’d better watch out. They might come after you!” “Oh. This Jim character is quite something, huh?” She chuckled. A bead of sweat flowed down the side of Tim Reid’s forehead. In fact, he was Jim Ray in disguise. He held himself back from his strong desire to tear Alfred apart and remained where he stood. Alfred had more to say. “Mr. Jim’s working for someone even more important. You might have heard of Ms. Bonita, the world-renowned researcher who successfully developed the world’s latest nanomaterial. “If you offend Mr. Jim, you’ll offend Ms. Bonita as well. Not even Mr. Sigmund will be able to help you then. They won’t do him any favors.” Alfred thought he had intimidated Bonnie a little and gained some of her respect. But Bo

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