Chapter 38

Bonnie glanced at Jim, who was warming up, and said, “If I went up against him, I’d only stand a slim chance of winning.” What she said gave Ivor quite a shock. “Begin!” Alfred shouted. He was acting as referee for the fight. Floyd moved in on Jim. They were both skilled fighters, and traded blows incessantly. It was a sight to behold, dazzling the onlookers. Ivor began to believe what Bonnie had said. “He’s definitely strong.” Bonnie was silent. Jim was pulling his punches because he was trying to conceal his identity. Otherwise, he would have knocked out Floyd immediately. Five minutes later, gusts of wind rose as Jim and Floyd’s fists collided fiercely. Then, they both stepped back. “Wonderfull! You fought well! I like you!” Floyd laughed and patted Jim on his shoulder. He made it look like they were two evenly matched fighters who were admiring each other. Jim gave Floyd’s hand a sideways glance. He would’ve thrown Floyd over his shoulder out of pure instinct if it wasn’t

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