Chapter 39

Bonnie rolled her eyes and said, “So what if he’s my type of guy? What does that have to do with you?” Out of nowhere, Ivor gripped her arm. “I knew it. You like him!” She had never seen him behave this way. He had always been aloof, arrogant, and coldly distant. But this time, she saw a flash of rage in his eyes! Perhaps she was mistaken, she thought. “What’s with the sudden fit of anger, Mr. Ivor? Allow me to remind you of our agreement.” There was a hint of fleeting confusion in his deep, black eyes. It went away as quickly as it came. Ivor composed himself and gave her a cold, sidelong glance. “I’ve made it clear that you’re supposed to be my fiancé this month! I hope you’ll behave like it!” “Okay. I won’t cheat on you this month. You have my word.” A hint of darkness flashed in his eyes. He spoke grimly, “Are you trying to say you’ll do whatever you want after a month?” Bonnie was at a loss. “Are you pretending to be ignorant or are you genuinely confused? I'll be a fr

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