Chapter 43

But there was no one in the restroom. Ivor’s frown grew deeper. He thought he had heard a man’s voice in her room. Could he be overreacting? “I don’t need to use your restroom anymore. You should get some rest,” He said lightly. “Sure. Please close the door on your way out,” Bonnie said lightly too. Nothing was out of the ordinary. “Sure.” She rushed to the restroom the moment he left. Where was Jim? The window in the restroom could only open a little, and it was so small it wouldn't have been possible for Jim to get out through it. Then, she heard a ‘Swoosh!’ and Jim dropped from the ceiling. “That was a close one. I would’ve been caught if I hadn’t acted fast enough.” “You were lucky, but you shouldn’t act so rashly again.” She started to chase him out of her room. “Alright. That’s all the time you have. Hurry up and go. Remember, don’t climb into my room unless it’s an emergency!” “Loud and clear.” Jim left, feeling dejected. … Bonnie received a call from Vera the nex

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