Chapter 44

“She’s always flunked her tests. How could I affect her grades?” Gresham was infuriated. “Do me a favor, Dad. Please stop being mad, okay? She’s been alone out there for a few days now. She must have had a hard time. Now that she’s finally back home, you’re going to hit her. What’s the public going to say about us?” And just like that, tears started rolling down Trina’s face. Gresham’s heart broke at the sight and he threw the broom aside. “Oh, Trina. You’re softhearted and way too kind. You defend Bonnie every time she makes a mistake, but she’s never appreciated it.” “I don’t mind. We’re family, and she’s my sister. I have to help her. It’s the right thing to do.” Vera hugged Trina, her eyes filled with love. “My dear Trina… You’re so thoughtful that you break my heart.” “I know you and Dad love me with all your heart, Mom. I’m just sorry I’m not your flesh and blood.” Trina sounded a little dejected and distressed. It was nauseating. Bonnie was well-versed in human psycho

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