Chapter 48

Ivor had bought a tiramisu cake from her favorite bakery. This was the best flavor of all the cakes there. It was a very famous bakery that sold limited quantities of cake every day. The tiramisu flavor was especially popular. He might have sent his assistant to buy it, but still, it must have been troublesome for him. “How did you know this was my favorite flavor?” “I took a wild guess,” He said with a smirk. No way that was true. “It’s nice and fresh. Hurry up and eat it.” Bonnie was a little mad that he had teased her earlier, but it would be a waste if she didn’t eat the tiramisu. She stabbed a piece and put it into her mouth. She enjoyed it a lot, even more than the banana milkshake. “How were the SATs?” Ivor frowned. Bonnie was humble. “If everything goes right, I’ll have a perfect score.” Ivor put a hand to his forehead, but decided not to make her feel bad after thinking about it. It didn’t matter if she didn’t do well in the SATs. He’d find a way to help her. “Ok

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