Chapter 49

Fernanda spoke innocently. It seemed like she was speaking up for Bonnie, but she just wanted to make Bonnie look bad. The others wanted to see how Bonnie was going to embarrass herself too, so they all chimed in. “That’s right! She’s your granddaughter. It doesn’t matter if she did a good job or not. You have to look at it. Otherwise, Ms. Bonnie will feel bad.” Vera gave Bonnie a look, hinting at her to tuck the painting away so she wouldn’t embarrass all of them. But Bonnie didn’t notice her mother at all. She said lightly, “Maybe I should open up the painting for you, Grandpa.” Gresham and Vera regretted not preparing a gift for Bonnie to give her grandparents. They were in for it now. Everyone was going to mock Gresham and his family for being tacky after what happened today! They should never have let Bonnie attend the birthday party. Ysabel was faster. She was worried Bonnie would realize what was going on, so she quickly unrolled the painting. Everyone was stunned and d

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