Chapter 50

’Bang!’ Harold smacked his hand on the desk and glared at Bonnie, enraged, “You gave us a counterfeit but you’re still trying to act like you’re right? You’ve gone too far!” “There, there. Don’t be mad, Grandpa. Mind your health. That’s just how Bonnie is. It’s not worth jeopardizing your health over this.” Trina went over to Harold quickly and patted his back lightly. Yolanda was infuriated as well. She gritted her teeth, stepped forward, and tore the painting to pieces before throwing it into a nearby trash can. Trina was feeling better about herself now. Bonnie had gone through all that trouble to gain favor with their grandparents and everyone else, but it didn’t matter in the end. All she had to do was use a little trick, and it had rendered her efforts useless. There was no way a nobody could ever get the best of the rich! But Trina pretended to be worried and tried to resolve the issue at hand. “This is big, Grandpa, Grandma. You should tell everyone to keep this to themse

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