Chapter 51

Kay spotted Bonnie among the crowd and ran over before Orson could answer the question. “I’ve mastered a few of the moves you showed me, Master. I’ll show you in a while.” “Okay.” Bonnie nodded. Everyone in the crowd was utterly shocked! Had Orson really addressed Bonnie as Master? That couldn’t be right! Hadwin looked at her incredulously, his mind churning. Orson approached Bonnie and bowed slightly. “It’s been a long time, Master Bonnie.” She nodded politely. “I’m sorry to have troubled you.” “It’s no trouble at all, Master Bonnie. I’d be more than happy to paint ten pieces for you as a present for your grandparents!” Everyone was shocked again! There was no doubt about it. Orson had really addressed her as Master! Wait a minute! Everyone looked at the torn painting that had been thrown in the trash and rubbed their palms eagerly. Yolanda in particular wore an expression of disbelief. She had torn the painting to pieces! Harold called Bonnie over after he showed Orson

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