Chapter 52

“Why didn’t you say anything, Bonnie? Look at what you did to poor Grandpa. Did you even think about Grandma? She…” Bonnie cut her off. “Do you remember who tried to say the painting was a counterfeit? Who led everyone down that train of thought? Do you think everyone’s forgotten about that? Or do you think we’re all fools?” Just like that, Trina became the target. “That’s right! I knew it was a genuine painting the moment I laid eyes on it, but Trina claimed it was a counterfeit. That led me to think that Bonnie couldn’t have known Master Orson, so how could she have gotten her hands on a painting of his? It was utter nonsense!” “It’s the same for me too. This is all Trina’s fault. Yolanda wouldn’t have gotten so mad and torn up the painting if it wasn’t for her! It was worth fifty million dollars! And it’s gone now.” “Come on. Do you think it’s about the fifty million dollars? It’s virtually impossible to get your hands on a painting by Master Orson, no matter how much you’re wi

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