Chapter 53

Bonnie had a full score on the SATs! That meant she was going to win the Best Scholar Award! Everyone was rooted to the spot and could not move an inch. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. “No, no, no. This can’t be true. I must have typed in the wrong information. This has to be someone else’s score,” Fernanda stuttered and stared at the big screen. But Bonnie’s name was displayed on the big screen, clear as day. Maybe it was a different person with the same name? Fernanda dismissed the thought as soon as it popped up. Trina had given her the student ID. It had to be Bonnie. Trina was enraged. She clenched her hands on her outfit. Impossible… What gave Bonnie the right? How could she get a perfect score? Bonnie was supposed to be a nobody, someone she could insult for an eternity! “Have we underestimated Bonnie?” Hadwin had a complicated expression on his face. Trina turned her head toward him and watched as his eyes traveled from the big screen to Bonnie. There was

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