Chapter 57

Everyone was in a full-on panic now. They started another group chat without Bonnie. “What are we going to do? If Bonnie really does what she says, we won’t be able to show our faces anywhere.” “Why is she being so mean?” “Bonnie’s exactly the type of mean girl you’d never want to meet.” The abrupt silence from the group chat told Bonnie everything she needed to know. She was sure the others were having a discussion in a new group chat. It was all but certain they were insulting her behind her back, but she wasn’t bothered. She wasn’t about to go easy on them, either. After all, she was no saint. They had brought this upon themselves. In the end, everyone in the new group asked Sacha for help. “Dwayne’s your boyfriend, Sacha. Ask him if he can help us out.” “Agreed.” “Seconded.” That was what Sacha was thinking too. She called Dwayne. “I need a favor, honey…” The next day, Bonnie went to the place Sacha had told her to go, but Dwayne was there instead of Sacha. “What are

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