Chapter 58

Dwayne ran after Bonnie aggressively and grabbed her shoulder. Bonnie turned around, gripped his arm, and hurled him over her shoulder. He flew through the air for half a second before falling heavily through a table. “Ouch! Ow!” He screamed pitifully. Bonnie raised her hands and brushed her shoulder as if something filthy had touched it and left without so much as a glance at Dwayne. Sacha popped her head out of a corner not long after Bonnie left and stared daggers at her. If she hadn’t sneaked in here, she wouldn’t have known that Dwayne had a thing for Bonnie for a long time. He even wanted to marry her. She had worked her fingers to the bone to be with Dwayne. She had bet everything on him and she wasn’t going to let Bonnie take him away from her. With that in mind, she made a phone call. “I need a few guys…” Bonnie went straight to the research institute after she left the restaurant. The professors crowded around her as soon as she got in. “You’re here at last, Ms. Bonita.

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