Chapter 60

“Impressive, Bonnie. Given the circumstances, I can’t believe you’re still acting cool.” “If you’re just here to talk trash, I’m not interested. Out with it.” Bonnie sounded annoyed. “Don’t you know what’s going on? Your life is in my hands. How dare you talk to me in that tone?” “You’re still talking trash,” Bonnie said absently. “Why, you little…!” Sacha was furious, but she remembered why she was here and suppressed her anger. “I’m warning you, Bonnie. Stay away from Dwayne!” So that was why she was here. “Are you sure you have your facts right? Dwayne was the one who tried to come on to me shamelessly. He might be from a wealthy family and likes to dress fancy, but he’s just a useless bastard. I’m really grossed out by him. I know he’s slept with lots of women. Don’t worry. I’ll never try to take him away from you.” “How dare you say he’s gross!” “Aren’t I telling the truth? I refuse to believe that you don’t know what kind of guy he is. You can fill an entire cruise ship w

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