Chapter 61

“We got a call about a group of people fighting here. That must be you!” The leading officer got out of the car. He looked around, saw the hired men lying on the ground, and glanced at Bonnie in surprise. “Did you take on all of them yourself?” Bonnie nodded and pointed at Sacha. “She brought those guys here to attack me.” Sacha was shocked and yelled, “W-What nonsense are you saying, Bonnie? You’re the one who brought them here to beat me up.” “Oh? Did I do that? Why would I beat them up, then?” “W-Well. They found their conscience and couldn’t bear to hurt me, so they decided to help me instead. You beat them all up in a fit of rage.” What a wonderful liar. Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh. “What’s going on here?” The officer asked again. Sacha went to him and said, “I told the truth, officer. Try asking them!” The officer pointed to the hired men lying on the floor, “Out with it, guys. Was she telling the truth?” The hired men looked at Sacha. She secretly gave them a look. S

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