Chapter 62

“Is that you, Dwayne?” Sergeant Zain recognized him. “So, you’re in charge of this case, Sergeant Zain.” He was a little surprised to see Bonnie. He hadn’t expected to see her here. So was Bonnie the person Sacha said was bullying her? Sacha burst out crying and ran into his arms as he was still in the middle of his thoughts. “You’re finally here, Dwayne! Bonnie hired a group of guys and tried to beat me up! Luckily, the men found their conscience and didn’t do it. Otherwise, I would be in the hospital now. Boo-hoo…” He frowned, “Why would she do that?” “It was all because of the bet. We were just kidding around, but she insisted I shave my head. First, she threatened me in the group chat and said she’d release the video to the public if I didn’t honor the bet. She wanted to make a joke out of me. Then, she hired a group of men to beat me up. She wanted to coerce me into shaving my head. There was another reason…” “Another reason?” “Y-Yeah. She told me you tried to come on to he

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