Chapter 63

Fiancé, he said… Bonnie lowered her gaze and tried to hide her emotions. “Fiancé?!” Dwayne and Sacha exclaimed in unison, visibly shocked. They had seen this man at the school gate and thought that Bonnie had hired an actor. They were shocked to hear that he was her fiancé. “Impossible! I’ve never heard of him!” Sacha still thought that Bonnie had hired an actor. “She’s lying, Sergeant Zain. She doesn’t have a fiancé. Her ex-fiancé called off their marriage. She must have hired an actor to pretend to be her fiancé because she didn’t have the guts to tell her family about it.” Dwayne thought Sacha made a fine point. Sergeant Zain turned to Bonnie and asked with a serious expression on his face, “Is he really your fiancé? You shouldn’t lie to me.” “He is.” She replied. Sergeant Zain observed her for a while and looked at Ivor. “Please show me your identification, sir.” “Okay.” Ivor gave it to him, and he passed it to one of his underlings to verify. Soon enough, his underling ca

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