Chapter 65

Bonnie’s eyes began to flicker. Was Ivor tying her shoes? Who knew the big shot of Pyralis would act like this? Bonnie felt her heart stir. “There.” Ivor stood up. “Oh. Um.” Bonnie looked a little timid. Ivor had unexpectedly caught Bonnie being embarrassed. He couldn’t help but adore her. “Weren’t you going to give me a bite of the taco?” Bonnie composed herself and offered him the taco. She didn’t know that he would grab her hand, lift it, lean in, and take a bite. Her lips twitched and she stared at him, unsure of how to react. “Hmm… It is tasty. It’s really good.” Ivor smiled and looked at Bonnie. She averted her gaze and frowned at the taco. She wasn’t usually fussed about sharing food, but something felt wrong after Ivor had taken a bite. She couldn’t put her finger on it. “Why aren’t you eating it? Hurry up. It won’t be as good when it gets cold.” “Okay.” Bonnie shook away her thoughts and started eating the taco. Ivor peeked at her as she took one bite after another,

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