Chapter 66

They were doing it to win honor for their branch of the family. They also wanted to become the stars of the party. The party wasn’t even close to starting, but Halle and Rowena were picking on Bonnie already. “I guess you’re kind of Ivor’s fiancé now, Bonnie. Don’t embarrass him at the dinner party! You can beg me for a dress if you don’t have one for the occasion. I’m sure I have some things I can lend you. “They might be outdated, but they’re all expensive. You’ve probably never worn anything like that before. Well? Are you going to beg me for it? I’ll give you something if you do,” Halle said, as she looked at Bonnie condescendingly. “I don’t need your pathetic dresses. I didn’t want to say this, but your dresses are beneath me.” “Go ahead and talk! I’ll be waiting for you to embarrass yourself at the party!” Halle walked a few steps away with Rowena, then turned back. “Didn’t you used to pretend you were wearing Hamish’s designs? I managed to reserve one out of the three new

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