Chapter 67

Halle exclaimed excitedly and answered the call. “Have you finished my dress?” “I’m sorry, Ms. Halle. We’ve decided to cancel your reservation for the dress.” “What?!” Halle’s eyes widened in shock. “H-How could you do that? I paid the deposit!” “I’m very sorry. The order came from top management. Don’t worry, though. We’ll compensate you for your loss.” “I don’t want your compensation! I want my dress! I want the dress that Hamish designed!” Halle shouted. “We’ve transferred the compensation to your account. Please verify it.” “I won’t agree to this! I’m… Hello? Hey!” They had hung up. Halle was so angry she smashed her phone. “Damn that Tang Fusion Studios! I can’t believe they decided to cancel my reservation just like that!” “What on earth happened?” Rowena asked, confused. “How would I know?!” Halle roared. Then, it hit her. She whipped her head at Rowena, who had also remembered their conversation with Bonnie. Naturally, they didn’t think it was at all related. It mu

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