Chapter 68

Bonnie lifted the skirt of her dress a little and walked down the stairs gracefully. She looked exceptionally beautiful, like an angel who had descended from heaven or a fairy who had walked out of an exquisite painting. “I-Isn’t this Hamish’s best work?” Floyd stuttered as he recognized the dress. Ivor came back to his senses and looked at the dress. Wasn’t this the dress he had tried so hard to get? Bonnie stood in front of them. “Yeah. You’re right. This is Hamish’s best work.” Ivor frowned. “How did you get it?” “I got it because I could,” Bonnie said truthfully. “I heard that the chairman of Tang Fusion Studios reserved it.” Ivor continued to frown and stare at her. After a pause, Bonnie nonchalantly said, “The chairman of Tang Fusion Studios gave it to me as a gift.” “Why did he give you such an expensive dress? How did you meet the chairman? What’s your relationship with him?” Ivor’s eyes grew more menacing with each question he asked. Bonnie felt the room getting cold

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