Chapter 69

Bonnie looked at Halle and raised her brows. There was a hint of mockery in her eyes. “Wasn’t your dress supposed to be one of Hamish’s designs? I seem to remember you bragging that you were going to wear it to the party. Why didn’t you?” Halle gritted her teeth and looked at Bonnie. She wanted to smack her really badly. “Wipe that smug look off your face! Did Ivor get you this dress? That just means you didn’t get it yourself!” Bonnie’s lips curled into a smile. The cunning and ridicule in her eyes were unmistakable. “How smart of you. Ivor, who’s also my fiancé, went through a great deal of trouble and spent a lot of money on this. I told him to forget about it, but he just wouldn’t listen to me. I couldn’t help it.” Halle’s face twisted, and Rowena looked even more furious. Bonnie chuckled when she saw their faces. “You’re his cousin, Halle. And you’re his childhood friend, Rowena. You should try to talk some sense into him. Tell him not to spend all that money on me. He’s wast

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