Chapter 70

“Okay.” Bonnie didn’t resist and let Ivor lead her away. Halle and Rowena’s faces went from shocked to disbelief, all the way to denial. It was a sight to see. “What on earth happened, Halle? Has Ivor really fallen for her? What should I do if that really is true?” Rowena was upset. She looked like she was about to burst into tears. “Stop it. Ivor has taste. There was no way he’d fall in love with Bonnie.” “You say that, but he bought her an expensive dress. How do we explain that?” “Maybe he just wanted to preserve the honor of his branch of the family.” “Well… He held her hand too. He’s never held any woman’s hands, not even mine. How do we explain that?” Halle scratched her head. She didn’t have an answer for that. In fact, she would love to know. When Bonnie and Ivor had walked far enough away from Halle and Rowena, she said, “Thanks for that.” She raised her glass. Ivor lightly clinked her glass with his. “That was my duty. No thanks are necessary.” “Although…” She frowne

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