Chapter 71

Bonnie said casually, “You’ll stay away from me and Ivor for the duration of our agreement if I win. You’re annoying.” She looked at Rowena and added, “That means you, too.” “Sure!” Halle gritted her teeth. “What happens if you lose?” “Then I lose,” Bonnie said softly. “Why, you! Shouldn’t you have to pay a price if you lose? You’re such a cheater. Looks like you know just how to take advantage of someone else!” Bonnie leaned on a pillar nonchalantly and raised her brows. “We can just forget about this competition if you don’t like the deal.” Damn that Bonnie! Both Halle and Rowena were so pissed they wanted to pounce on her. Bonnie had the high ground, and they could think of nothing to say to her! Floyd stood by Ivor’s side and muttered, “Ms. Bonnie’s kind of tough.” “How long did it take for you to figure that out?” Floyd turned to look at Ivor and saw that he seemed very proud of her. The competition started when all the materials for flower arranging had been prepared.

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