Chapter 72

“Hmph! I’ll give it to you, Bonnie. You got lucky and won the competition, but there’s no need to be so pushy!” Halle wished she could hide somewhere now. It was clear that Bonnie had triumphed over Rowena. There was no need for the expert’s evaluation. “When was I being pushy?” Bonnie was puzzled. “Just admit it. Your flower arranging skills match that of an expert, but you still decided to have the competition with us. Isn’t it obvious you wanted to humiliate us?” Rowena was on the brink of tears. “Don’t judge me like that. I’ve never studied flower arranging in my life. I just looked through some books in the library when I was bored,” Bonnie said truthfully. Was that all she had done? Was she just good at it? Halle and Rowena didn’t buy what she said. If that was true, did that mean she was a genius? No way. She would be the mother of all geniuses. A freak of nature! After that, Halle and Rowena left the venue, wailing. Ivor looked at Bonnie curiously and asked, “When did y

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