Chapter 73

Flynn grinned. Intriguing. Jim squinted at him, his face growing darker by the second. When Bonnie realized the man hadn’t left, she looked at him suspiciously. “Can I help you with something?” Wasn’t he here for the chocolate? Flynn raised his hand, brushed aside the rogue hair on his forehead, and flashed what he thought was a charming smile at her. “The name’s Flynn. I was there when you were engaged to Ivor, my cousin.” “Oh. I didn’t seem to notice you,” She said indifferently. Flynn abruptly stepped closer to her. She looked at him in alarm and thought he had an ulterior motive. “Is there anything you want from me?” Ivor’s face turned dark. As he was about to approach them, Ged got in his way. “Why don’t we go for a car ride and have a good time after the party, Ivor? White and the gang have already headed out.” “You’re blocking my view.” “Huh?” Ged was stunned. He turned and followed Ivor’s gaze, seeing Bonnie and Flynn. “What are they doing together? That cousin of

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