Chapter 75

Nobody thought Bonnie would slap Sydney so savagely. Sydney covered her face and stared daggers at Bonnie. “H-How dare you slap me? I can’t believe you did that!” “Why can’t I slap you? You called me a hick and a whore. You were born into a wealthy family, and I’m sure you’ve been very well educated since you were young. “Is this how you repay your parents for that? You insulted someone when you didn’t even know the truth about what happened.” Bonnie stared at her coldly, and the animosity coming off of her was unmistakable. Never in Sydney’s wildest dreams did she think she would be lectured by a young woman. She had lived like a princess ever since she was young. No one had ever slapped her, and even her parents had doted on her as if she were the most precious treasure in the world. “I’m your husband’s aunt. You’ve committed a great sin by hitting me!” “Heh. My husband? I’m only engaged to Ivor. I haven’t married him yet. Don’t try to fool me with something that isn’t even r

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