Chapter 76

Jim charged at them, but Bonnie shot him a look. He couldn’t take it anymore! When Bonnie realized Jim hadn’t backed down, she frowned and mouthed the words. ‘Wait and see what happens next.’ Jim read her lips and had no choice but, grit his teeth, clench his fists, and stay still. Ivor swept his cold eyes over the crowd and stopped at Sydney. He said firmly, “Bonnie and I will be married forever. Our unwavering love will stand the test of time.” His strong words hinted at his determination. It also proved to everyone that he wasn’t joking. He was serious about this! Bonnie’s eyes widened as she stared at him, shocked. Sigmund saw everything from the second floor and was excited at how things had turned out. “Ivor finally sees what I saw!” Ivor must have uncovered some of Bonnie’s secrets during the time they spent together, Sigmund thought. He just wasn’t sure if Ivor had discovered her identity as Ms. Bonita. “A-Are you serious?” Sydney stuttered and asked. Ivor nodded so

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