Chapter 77

The guests heard Flynn’s oath and were swayed again. It was a solemn oath. So, had Flynn lied or not? Sydney pitted herself against Bonnie furiously and said, “My son has sworn a solemn oath. You can no longer deny that you tried to seduce him!” Bonnie was very surprised. She couldn’t believe that Flynn had sworn an oath like that. However, she wasn’t going to be deterred by an insufferable jerk. “What’s the point of a legal system if we rely only on oaths?” “Why, you! I can’t believe you’re still denying it. Do you think everyone here believes you?” Sydney’s chest heaved as she breathed heavily. Jim stepped forward. “I hold in my hands the proof that Flynn was trying to take advantage of Ms. Bonnie.” Ivor squinted at Jim. “You have proof? What proof? Show me! Show everyone if you can! My son is innocent. He swore a solemn oath, for heaven’s sake. Let’s see this proof of yours!” Jim took out his phone and played a recording. It was very clear that Flynn was the one who had tr

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